The UMD Student Crisis Fund was established during our campus' time of need. Since then, students have relied on the Crisis Fund during extraordinary times of crisis.
History of the UMD Crisis Fund

September 2001 was a devastating time for the student body at the University of Maryland. Many students with strong ties to both the Washington, DC and New York City areas were struggling to cope with the devastation from the September 11th tragedy, and then they experienced their own crisis on campus.

Just days after September 11th, an unexpected tornado ripped through the University. The campus was not prepared for such an event. Sadly, the tornado claimed the lives of two students and destroyed thousands of dollars' worth of campus and personal property. It was out of this tragedy that the Student Crisis Fund was born. As the student body began to deal with these two tragedies, it became clear that they needed a fund that would support them at critical times.

The UMD Crisis Fund was established just days later with the generous support of community members who wanted to provide students with an important financial resource to get them through challenging times, and continues to be a pillar on campus today.

Today, the UMD Student Crisis Fund has expanded thanks to the help of our Maryland community and two critical partners, Dreamkeepers and Scholarship America.

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